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Attention! Peru Sewer System Users


Undersized pumps in Maiden Lane Lift Station


Exposed Main Sewer Pipe adjacent to Little Ausable River

By John T. Ryan 

Peru – America’s aging infrastructure is constantly in the news and Peru’s infrastructure is no exception.  A Town Board commissioned study completed in March 2015 revealed that Peru’s sewage delivery system needs repairs and upgrades estimated to cost more than $4.5 million. Improvements of this nature are typically paid for by rate increases, borrowing, grants or a combination thereof. Depending on funding, the project would be completed in one or more phases. 

Fortunately, sewer district users can have a significant role in qualifying their sewer district for New York State grants. In a few days a Household Characteristics Survey will be mailed to Peru Sewer District users. People are requested to accurately complete the survey and return it to the town’s grant consultant by September 1, 2016.  If the survey reveals the district’s median household income falls below a certain level, the town will be eligible to receive state grants and no or low interest loans. If a sufficient number of surveys are not returned by the September 1, 2016 they will be hand-delivered to district users. Specific income information will be held in strict confidence. The consultant will compile a report and submit only aggregate figures to the town. Click here to view a Household Survey

Four sewage main pipes carry effluent from approximately 550 users to the Sunrise Drive Water Pollution Control Plant.  Upgrading a pipe installed in the 1930’s is the immediate need. This pipe transports effluent from users on and near the Elm Street, Pleasant, Jenkins, McIntosh, Holden, McDonald, Lafleur and Washington Streets. After passing under Route 22 it traverses a steep bank adjacent to Little Ausable River. Portions of this pipe have shifted above the surface. Engineers are very concerned that hillside erosion could result in a shifting, broken pipe and consequent severe river pollution. They have described the pipe as “hanging on a thread.”  The proposed plan includes installation of a pump/lift station to transport this effluent to an enlarged main pipe along North Bend Street. 

A lift/pump station at the intersection of Buttonbrook Parkway and Maiden Lane needs to be increased in capacity and moved across the street. Several manholes also need to be replaced or upgraded. 

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